Athlete of the MonthJuly

Holly Hunter

Career: Jack of All Trades

Years at CrossFit Pell City: 4

Congratulations to our July 2021 CrossFit AOM, Holly Hunter!

When you think of CFPC, there are some folks you think of immediately. Our July AOM, Holly Hunter, is one of them! Holly has been an OG member at CFPC since 2017. She always makes class fun, and quite frankly, interesting. She has an infectious, bubbly personality. Let that not fool you. When 3-2-1 sounds, Holly Hunter puts in the work!

Here is what Holly had to say:

”First of of I would like to thank the CrossFit coaches for helping me obtain goals and keeping me accountable.

My CrossFit journey was a rocky one at first. I struggled with my old mind set on what exactly was fitness. I would constantly go by the scale to determine how I felt about myself. CrossFit taught me about diet and proper nutrition. This was a life changing moment for me.
I also learned at the ripe old age of 53 I could actually lift weights and learn new things.
I no longer weigh myself every day. I can actually enjoy food and I can eat more!
I’ve learned that everyone has strengths and weaknesses. I’m still a member after almost 4 years. I wouldn’t be here still working out if I didn’t love it! I love all the members especially my Mom O Clock Class! CrossFit is a lifestyle for as long as God blesses me with a strong body. Thank you for the honor of making me the July Athlete of the Month. ”
Congratulations Holly! You are one of a kind! We are so blessed to have you here at CFPC!

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