Hollie Hall

"Always Fun Mom O'Clocker"

Hollie Hall

Before I found CFPC, I was trying to adjust to life with a toddler and an infant. I was overwhelmed and felt like postpartum depression was creeping in. I knew I needed to find something healthy for myself to do. I don’t know many women who feel great about their appearance postpartum, myself included, and life with a toddler and infant is pure chaos. The last thing I wanted to think about was working out and eating healthier- but little did I know it was exactly what I needed.

CFPC has helped me in so many ways! I actually look forward to getting up and going to the gym. Most days I’m itching to go back and complete a second workout. The people at the gym become family… some days we sit and chat 1-2 hours after we finish working out. Most days I have my kids with me and everyone at the gym makes sure they stay happy while I workout. My girls love going to the gym with me and all of the friends they’ve made there! I feel like I have found something that I love. I’ve found a community. My clothes fit better and all around I feel much happier now that I’ve added working out into my daily routine.

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