Trey Valentini

"Super Dad"

Trey Valentini

I really can’t say enough about the program as a whole. Aside from the things I was expecting, being able to offload the burden of programming and having a space to workout, the community and the coaches set our gym apart.

I have been amazed that every coach who is part of the group or joins the group, actually cares about the progress you are making. They are inviting, but motivating. Approachable, but accountable. That carried and still carries a lot of weight with me.

The other component that makes it special is the community. After my first day, there was an outpouring of support even though I knew I preformed like hot garbage. It honestly felt like pandering at the time. But that same level of support has continued every week since I joined. I look forward to working out with my 5AM brethren every morning. The accountability, motivation, and hospitality are what got me in the door and keep me coming back every week.

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